Friday, September 10, 2010

Feeding Evanger's: Tips From The Vet

What are the ancillary benefits to exclusively feeding Evanger’s?
by: Dr. Elizabette Cohen, D.V.M.

When a dog has a diet that is not balanced, a disgusting habit could result called copraphagy. This is a normal reaction when a mother gives birth to her offspring, she will ingest the waste products by licking the anogenital region of her puppies or kittens. In the wild, for the mothers that practiced copraphagy, there were no smells to lure predators and therefore, these animals would go on to reproduce. Feeding Evanger’s pet foods exclusively could resolve a pet’s disgusting habit of eating his or her own feces.
Coprophagy can happen when there is a vitamin or mineral missing from the diet. PICA is the term used when a pet eats something that should not be eaten. If a pet is suffering from PICA or copraphagy, the first thing is to change the food to a more wholesome, nutritious diet like Evanger’s. It is also important that a complete diet is chosen not a meat only one, or use the dry food in combination with any one of the canned foods.

Because the palatability of Evanger’s pet foods is so high, your dog or cat will never skip a meal unless there is a medical problem. As long as dogs drink water, it is not a dangerous situation for them to skip a meal but cats must eat every day. If a cat goes more than 2 days without eating, no matter what the primary problem is, they could develop a very serious liver problem called hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver.

A well-balanced diet like Evanger’s will give your pet a healthy, shiny coat and could add years to his or her life.

Dr. Elizabette Cohen is a New York licensed and U.S.D.A. accredited veterinarian who practices in New York City and Long Island. Dr. Cohen received her cum laude B.A. degree from Columbia University and her D.V.M. degree from Cornell University. Dr. Cohen is the author of Most of My Patients Wear Fur.