Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beef and Spinach and Kale, Oh My!

Evanger’s Super-Premium Beef Dinner Now with Spinach and Kale!

Evanger's is excited to announce that its Super Premium Beef Dinner for Dogs now features spinach and kale, two superfoods that can help boost your dog's health! With high amounts of fiber, calcium, protein, and Vitamins A, C and K, no other vegetable source can match these leafy-green wonders.  

Just like humans, dogs need a certain amount of fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet. Spinach and kale have many antioxidant properties that guard against inflammatory diseases, cancer, and some cardiovascular problems. Kale in particular is also helpful in detoxifying the liver, as kale juice has antibacterial properties.  

As with all of Evanger's dog and cat foods, Super Premium Beef Dinner is made in the USA in the kitchens of Evanger's, with only fresh, premium ingredients.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Evanger's Supplies Cans to Help Create Hunger Awareness in Grants Pass, Oregon

Evanger's is happy to help its community in any way that it can, and this time, the request for help was a bit different. This month, we helped with Evergreen Federal Bank's Food Bank Project.  Evergreen Federal Bank has been in business for 79 years - just one year older than Evanger's!  They have raised over one million dollars for non-profit organizations.  This year, one of their community support projects was to benefit their local food bank and farm, Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm, to help fight hunger.  Evergreen reached out to many can suppliers because they wanted to build a Can Bear for the Annual Boatnik Memorial Day Parade in their community. The idea behind building a bear out of cans was to promote the support of the food bank in a unique way.  However, we were shocked to learn that many can suppliers would not assist Evergreen Bank with this positive endeavor!  Evanger's was more than willing to help, so we supplied thousands of empty cans to help build the Evergreen Can Bear.  

The Can Bear was built, and with it, 10 custom oversized food barrels painted by local artists.  The finished product was unveiled at the Memorial Day Boatnik Parade.  These barrels then served as food collection sites in the downtown area of Grants Pass, Oregon, and will be used to collect food to help the food bank throughout the summer.  At the end of the summer, the barrels and bear will be donated to their local food bank once the project has been completed.

The bear was assembled by stacking the cans using silicone adhesive, foam insulation and wire mesh inside the bear, and a clear automotive coating was applied so the bear would be weather resistant.  The labels were custom designed by Evergreen's graphics team. Although it was a very labor intensive project, it was a lot of fun for the Evergreen Team.  Evanger's was thrilled to be able to help for such a wonderful cause.

Building the Evergreen Can Bear from Evanger's cans
The completed Evergreen Bear using Evanger's cans! The barrels will serve as food depositories in downtown Grants Pass, Oregon to support the local food bank.
You can read more about Evergreen Federal Bank at http://community.evergreenbanking.com
You can read more about Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm at 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Breed Highlight: Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever’s even temperament, playfulness and intelligence have made it the most popular breed in several countries. With a relatively large body, Labradors are typically black, yellow or chocolate and have a smooth, short-haired, double coat that is easy to groom. Labradors are easily trained and eager to please, making them great family dogs, but require plenty of physical and mental stimulation to avoid destructive tendencies.

Labradors are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as eye disorders; but the most serious concern for Labs is obesity. Labradors LOVE to eat! Without a balanced diet combined with plenty of exercise, they can easily become obese, developing serious ailments such as diabetes. Quality dog foods with a high percentage of protein are best for most dogs, but especially those who gain weight easily. Evanger’s high protein Grain-Free Game Meats are an excellent supplement to boost protein in any dinner. It is also important to opt for low calorie treats for training and rewarding. Evanger’s Nothing But Natural Jerky Treats contain only 6 calories each!

Since Labradors love to play, swim, and engage in various working activities such as hunting and tracking, they tend to thrive in outdoor environments. While not incompatible with an urban lifestyle, these dogs need to be well exercised and spend lots of time with their caretakers. A Labrador can be wonderful companion if cared for properly and will quickly become a cherished member of the family.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fabulously Pheasant – Learning the Nutritional Benefits of Pheasant

Pheasant is a wonderfully lean game bird that contains high amounts of B-vitamins, potassium and iron. Compared to lean cuts of beef or pork, pheasant has fewer calories, less fat, and more protein. Pheasant is also a good source of selenium, which has antioxidant properties that help guard against cancer.

While pheasant is an excellent choice for a balanced diet, its novelty as a protein source is its greatest advantage. Many pets can develop food allergies when fed the same diet over a period of years and require an elimination diet to get back to normal. By feeding your pet a novel protein such as pheasant, his immune system and GI tract will get a chance to recover.

After clearing out the allergic reaction, many vets recommend rotating protein and carbohydrate sources so your pet doesn’t continue developing food allergies. Evanger’s Grain-Free Pheasant is a wonderful way to keep variety in your pet’s diet and provide the necessary nutrition for healthy living. As with all products from Evanger’s, our Grain-Free Pheasant is made in the USA in the kitchens of Evanger’s with only fresh, premium ingredients.     

Monday, August 5, 2013

Immunizations for your Pet

Did you know August is National Immunization Awareness Day? Deciding which immunizations to give your pet is an important decision between pet-parent and Veterinarian. Being knowledgeable about all vaccinations available and what diseases they are designed to prevent is key to making an informed decision.

Most veterinarians make a distinction between “core” and “non-core” vaccines in accordance with the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccination guidelines. Vets universally recommend core vaccines and administer them regularly. Non-core vaccines are optional depending on certain factors that may impact your pet, such lifestyle and location.  

A Look at Parvovirus / Panleukopenia

For dogs, parvovirus is a major disease that can cause vomiting, diarrhea and white blood cell destruction. The parvovirus vaccine is core and should be administered between 6 and 16 weeks at various intervals, with boosters and revaccinations occurring periodically, according to WebMD. Without the vaccine, parvovirus is life-threatening for puppies and has a very high mortality rate.  For cats, panleukopenia, the feline form of parvovirus, is a major disease and vaccination should occur as early as six weeks of age.

Because vaccines stimulate a pet’s immune system to protect against future infections, mild reactions such as soreness at the injection site, fever and allergic reactions are common side effects. Contact your veterinarian immediately if symptoms worsen or don’t dissipate with time. Ensure your pet is in optimum health before receiving vaccines, by providing a high quality, nutrient-rich diet of meats and vegetables, such as Evanger’s Grain Free Hand Packed Dinners for dogs or Super Premium Dinners for cats.