Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evanger's #GetPetHealthy Nutritionist Question of the Week: Food Allergies and Yeast Overgrowth

Question from Heather Robinson Taylor:

I have a question about food allergies. If your dog is prone to food allergy and yeast overgrowth which carbohydrates in food are a better choice? Potatoes, sweet potatoes, grains, peas, lentils? #GetPetHealthy

Here's the answer:

Yeast infections in dogs, Candidiasis, result when a fungus called Candida takes up residence in your dog’s body to an extent that health and comfort are compromised.  Left untreated, your dog’s itchy, inflamed tissues can become a breeding ground for secondary infections, so medical treatment is necessary. 
Candida thrives on carbohydrates, and many veterinarians do suggest reducing the amount of carbohydrate fed as part of a protocol that might also include lifestyle changes and medications. The ideal percentage of carbohydrate in the diet depends on the severity of the condition, the dog’s age, and other variables.
Candida thrives in warm, moist climates and in warm, moist parts of your dog’s body (inside ears and between toes, for instance), and veterinarians sometimes recommend kibble as the basis of the diet as its low moisture content, often just 10 to 15 percent, can be helpful.
When kibble is recommended, consider our Meat Lovers Medley dry food, which combines beef, rabbit, and pork meat but contains no chicken.
Your veterinarian might suggest added meat to improve the diet and dilute the carbs in the kibble.  In that case, Evanger’s provides a number of options in our canned 6-oz. Game Meats, which are ground  Buffalo, Duck, Rabbit, Pheasant, Beef, Chicken, and Pork meat with no sugar added. Our 13-oz. Hunk of Beef is simply a pot roast in a can for dogs, with no other ingredients, and also combines well with kibble.
You might wish to eliminate kibble as much as possible.  In that case, consider our high meat content Super Premium Beef Dinner and Chicken Dinner in 13-oz cans, which combine meat with kale and spinach, a bit of guar gum to soften the food, and vitamins and minerals.  These are complete, balanced maintenance diets that are free of added sugars. 
Regarding your query:  We tend to vilify ingredients, to label some “bad” and some “good.”  I do confess to a slight bias against white potato, which is not as nutrient dense as the others listed. Otherwise, all of these ingredients may be appropriate because you will be feeding them IN MODERATION.
Please note that Evanger’s suggests rotating through various meats and carbohydrate sources to help prevent your sensitive dog from developing new sensitivities to an ingredient that might be overfed.
As a final note, the ingredients “brewer’s yeast” and “selenium yeast” do not, and cannot, cause yeast infections or contribute to them.  Both ingredients are made from inactive (dead) yeast cells that are rich in natural nutrients (B-vitamins, especially B-12 in the case of brewer’s yeast, and selenium in the case of selenium yeast) that are less toxic and more assimilable than their manufactured counterparts.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cats with Allergies

If you suspect your feline friend may have food allergies, it's time to change his diet to an allergy-friendly recipe. Common symptoms of food allergies in cats include:
  • Itchy skin, including rubbing or scratching his back
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Sneezing or wheezing

Even if your cat has done well on a specific food for several years, it is actually quite common for felines to develop allergies over time. Allergies are often associated with proteins, including beef, chicken, and turkey. That’s why we recommend trying Evanger’s Holistic Pheasant Dinner for Cats, providing an exotic protein not typically offered by many cat food companies. Fresh pheasant, ripe fruits & vegetables make up this holistic, high-protein, hypo-allergenic dinner, complete with liver for added palatability. Many pet parents find that introducing a completely new protein will alleviate allergy symptoms. Give it a try and let us know how it works for your cat!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Evanger's #GETPETHEALTHY Nutritionist Question of the Week

Question of the week from Marietta B:

When my dog has an allergic outbreak she gets little black dots on her belly. Do you know what this condition is called? #GetPetHealthy

Answer from our CNC: 

 Hi Marietta! Thanks for the question - the condition may just be called an allergic reaction, but there may be numerous health conditions that are associated with that.  So, we have a few questions:

1) Were there pigment changes in these black spots?  Black spots on the skin can be a number of things - hopefully just an allergic reaction, but it can be as serious as a tumor. 
If there are permanent pigmentation changes, then a veterinarian needs to look at them to make sure they're not malignant tumors.

2) On the other hand, if they look more like acne spots and there are temporary flare-ups, the spots could be environmental or food allergies.  Unfortunately, there's no way to say for sure what has caused them unless a veterinarian runs an allergy panel.  We recommend doing an allergy panel with your vet, or if you've made any observations as to when the flare-ups occur, try to do avoid those foods or environments.  If you do an  allergy panel, contact us afterwards and we can put the right diet together for you once we have established what the problem might be.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Caring for our Earth

As Earth Day approaches, our family reflects on the importance of protecting our environment. We are in the business of nurturing some of the Earth’s finest creatures, and our business is dependent on abundant fresh produce and meats. Many of you many know the lengths we go to in producing all-natural, nutrient-dense, and environmentally-friendly foods for your furry family members.

But you may not know just how seriously we take it.  At Evanger's, EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY. Did you know…?
  • We have the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging.
  • Our cans are made of steel, and our labels are paper (both infinitely recyclable)
  • All packaging materials are recycled
  • We have an on-site recycling program
  • Our water is supplied by our own on-site well, which is not only sustainable in itself, but also motivates our efforts to be socially and economically responsible.
  • In 2012 we saved over 1,000 trees by using green trays for our cases of food
  • We are using LED lighting with motion activated lights to conserve electricity
  • We have variable frequency drives (VFD) on our motors which controls motors to use less electricity by taking off the initial demand load
  • Annually we have our boiler flame adjusted to make sure we are efficient as possible
  • We use steam to heat the plant and cook the food. Steam is made by our natural gas powered boiler.  Natural gas is very abundant and costs less to make steam compared to electricity. 
  • When we receive product, it may come on pallets that we reuse for our products.  There is very little waste we have because waste costs money.
  • Our carbon footprint is minimal - 90% of the ingredients are sourced locally within 50 miles of our plant, and picked up daily with our own trucks to be used within 24 hours for optimum freshness.  The other 10% comes from US-sourced suppliers and farmers. 
  • We are transitioning our labels to a stock that is made of 80% recycled material
  • We only purchase energy star appliances
  • Many of our employees bike to work and the one who don’t car pool. Even the owners carpool. 
  • We pay our bills online and send invoices via email and we also wire transfer
  • We only purchase from companies that have humane treatment of their animals.  
We take great pride in these traditions and continue to seek new ways to be earth friendly, and to make EVERY DAY EARTH DAY!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Breed Buzz - Great Dane

We have a special place in our hearts for the beautiful Great Dane because they were the original inspiration for Evanger’s back in 1935! Fred Evanger bred, exhibited, and championed Great Danes in international kennel clubs. He was a fervent believer that his dogs' health and the health of their offspring were dependent on wholesome, nutritious food, and strongly advocated that this was the key to his success in the show ring. Mr. Evanger built a canning factory at his kennels so that he could make a quality pet food, free of harmful additives or preservatives; that was superior enough for his champions. Over 78 years later, we know that Fred Evanger was a man ahead of his time.

Great Danes are probably best known for their size and power. Its charming and gentle disposition makes it a wonderful family dog, trustworthy around children, and affectionate towards people. Its thick short coat comes in brindle, fawn, black, blue, mantle harlequin and sometimes merle. With proper nutrition, the coat is easy to maintain with regular brushing.

Great Dane puppies do not stay small for long! They require excellent nutrition to fuel this rapid growth, ensuring proper development of skeletal and muscle structure. For an ideal Great Dane diet, we recommend our Classic Line, the original recipes from Fred Evanger, of course! Evanger's Beef with Chicken & Liver is Grain-Free and Gluten-Free, and makes a great complement to our Super Premium and Grain Free dry foods.
Here are some of Fred Evanger's 23 Champion Great Danes, all of which were on his own food, Evanger's.  Great Danes grow from 3/4 of a pound to 125 lbs in ONE YEAR, so diet deficiency is immediately apparent and top nutrition is a must.

Here's our line of Classic Foods that were started by Fred Evanger for his Danes back in the 1930s.  The label designs and formulas are quite similar to what they have been for the last 80 years!
Food for Great Danes
Evanger's Original Classic Line Since 1935

Friday, April 4, 2014

#GETPETHEALTHY Nutrition Question of the Week

Question of the week from Monica D:

My bulldog is a few pounds overweight. What diet do you recommend to get him to a healthy weight? #GetPetHealthy

Answer from our CNC:  

First, switch to any of the five Evanger's dry foods so you know you're feeding the best basic food possible.  Offer samples of all five and let the Frenchie make the choice.  All of our foods are for all life stages (for all ages).

Reduce the amount of kibble you're currently feeding by one third.  Replace this food with the same volume of Evanger's 100% Sweet Potato, which is available in 6-oz and 13-oz cans.

Mix the sweet potato thoroughly with the remaining kibble.

Sweet potato offers very low fat but is nutrient dense and flavorful, so your paunchy pooch won't know he's on a diet.

For treats, try our 6- calorie one-inch-square Nothing But Natural Jerky Treats.  They are available in buffalo, pheasant, venison or chicken, in 4.5-oz bags.  Break the squares into four or five pieces and offer just one small piece a few times a day.

This is a gentle weight loss method and may take several weeks. 

When your Frenchie reaches the desired weight, please contact us again so we can help you establish a permanent post-diet feeding protocol.

That's it!  Simple, nutritious, inexpensive.  Best of luck Monica and Oscar!

You can also download an Evanger's Diet Calendar and join the #MannyGetsFit Challenge

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kosher for Passover Pet Foods

Are you prepared for Passover with Kosher pet foods for your cats and dogs?

As Passover approaches, many families are clearing their homes of chometz, or foods containing grains. But instead of having to move your pets’ feeding dishes outside or to the garage, now Fido can be included in the family festivities, thanks to highly-inspected Kosher-certified products from Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, endorsed by the Chicago Rabbinical Council*.

Because pets are part of our family, Evanger’s offers pet-parents a huge range of pet food options suitable for Kosher celebrations and households, including Passover. By not combining any meat with dairy products and also offering products that are chometz-free, over 40 delicious combinations ranging from Chicken & Rice Dinner for Dogs, Chicken Lickin’ Dinner for Cats, Grain Free Wild Salmon, Hunk of Beef, and much much more!  For a full list of Passover friendly options for your furry friend, please visit: