Thursday, April 30, 2015

Evanger's Nutrition Tip: The Pros of Probiotics

Dog owners know that healthy, natural foods are essential for a pet’s well-being. Good food is made from high quality ingredients that serve a purpose. You may have heard about probiotics for humans as a digestive health supplement for humans, but did you know that probiotics also offer a tremendous benefit to pets?

Mainly responsible for breaking down food, a dog’s digestive system absorbs nutrients, and distributes them throughout the body – thus preventing toxins from entering the bloodstream. In fact, research indicates that 70% of a dog's immune system lies in the digestive tract. That said, it is so important to understand which pet food ingredients promote a pet’s proper digestive health.

Probiotics provide the "good bacteria" that helps improve the digestibility of ingredients. These bacteria are an essential part of the immune system, and can help lower the number of disease causing bacteria in the gut. Feeding your pooch food with live probiotics is a great way to help re-inoculate a dog’s digestive tract with health-promoting bacteria.

Evanger's Meat Lover's Medley offers probiotics
for optimal digestive health
Since 1935, Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company has operated with the firm belief that a canine’s health is dependent on wholesome, nutritious dog foods that are free of preservatives and harmful additives. While the core nutrition of our recipes and the fresh processes used to manufacture our foods remains unchanged, we continue to innovate as new research helps raise the bar in pet health.

For all breeds and all life stages, many of Evanger’s dry dog foods, such as Grain Free Meat Lover's Medley, contain probiotics to support healthy immune and digestive systems, as well as Omegas 3 and 6 for healthy joint, skin and coat. Combining Rabbit, Beef and Pork, this delicious blend taps into nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables instead of grains. Our probiotic rich dry foods combine very well with any of our canned Grain Free Game Meats, Evanger's Organics or Evanger’s Classic lines for a moist and meaty meal any pet will love.

Note that fresh meat is the first ingredient in Evanger’s all natural, high quality foods that are free of corn, wheat and soy. Our fresh, USA Made ingredients, combined with probiotics provide a healthy and nutrient rich environment for your pet’s digestive health, and overall healthy, happy life!

Throwback Thursday 80th Anniversary Post

Throwback Thursday for Evanger's 80th Anniversary! This is a very special throwback to our 2010 broadcast on NBC News from our work with Keshet, a vocational program for kids with special needs. When Holly, the owner of Evanger's, sister got sick with Alzheimer's and was no longer able to perform simple motor skills, Holly vowed that she would employ young adults with disabilities to help them continue to use their motor skills as well. That's when we started our work with Keshet's vocational program; to give young adults with special needs an opportunity that may not have been available to them. Thank you Bruce Wolf at NBC for doing a piece on this program! And thank you to Keshet for all of the wonderful work you do, and the kids who were involved in our program!

Click here to watch the NBC News Segment Clip:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Evanger's #GetPetHealthy Nutritionist Question of the Week: My Dog Eats His Poop & Allergy Testing

Every week we have a contest on our Facebook Page, and invite Evanger's feeders to ask a nutrition question about their pet.  Our Certified On-Staff Nutritionist picks one question to weigh in on.  Here are this week's question and answer.  But this time we picked two!

Question #1 from Susan B. Wolf:
How can I keep my 1yr old Lab from eating his poop?  We also have wild rabbits living under our shed an she also eats theirs. I feed her and our Cavalier Evangers dry food for the last 8 months. Is there something else I can add to it to make her stop?? Thank you very much.
How is your Cavalier doing?  Does she eat her poop as well?  For your lab, it sounds like you should introduce some canned food into her diet.  Canned food is much more nutrient-dense, which should satisfy whatever your Lab feels he is missing.  This can also happen when a dog gets bored of his or her food, so we recommend rotating the foods from time to time to keep your pets excited.  However, our first recommendation is to supplement some of the kibble with Evanger's canned food for maximum nutrition, and see if you observe any changes with this habit.

Question #2 from Debbie S. Kackley:
My dog, Hank, has terrible itching. He is constantly biting his feet and scratching his face. How can I determine if this is a food allergy? If not a food allergy, what else can it be? He has done this from day one and I have had him for about 7 years. I have had him at the vet, they could not find a problem.

Is Hank's itching season?  If so, it is likely an environmental allergy, which is not uncommon for dogs.  However, if it is year-round, there are a few things to take a look at.  
First, you should ask your vet to test for Candidiases, which is a fungal infection, which can cause those symptoms.  The Vet can also run an allergy panel, in which case, your diet may end up being changed.  Once this is done, please follow up with Evanger's so we can assist in finding the best diet based on what the Veterinarian recommended.

Alternatively, what exactly is Hank eating?  Is it primarily a dry food or canned food diet?  More often, feeding solely a dry kibble with cause dryness in the coat, which can cause itching.  Dry foods also have many more ingredients, giving more of an opportunity for Hank to be exposed to an allergen.  We will speak with Debbie directly about this to determine if Evanger's can help identify a new protocol for Hank's diet to eliminate the itching. 


Thanks for writing in!  Both Debbie and Susan will receive one free bag of Evanger's Low-Calorie Jerky Treats for submitting the chosen questions to be answered.  The #GetPetHealthy Nutritionist Question of the Week is run every Monday on the Evanger's Facebook Page.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Evanger's Canned Mouse April Fool's Joke Goes Viral!

On Wednesday, April 1st, Evanger's made a very big announcement.  We let the world know that we were launching a new flavor of food for dogs and cats, Hand Packed Whole Mouse in a can!  And each can is guaranteed to have at least one tail!  What started as an April Fool's joke went viral - people were grossed out, but other people LOVED the new product!  We aren't actually producing it, but now we are wondering, should we?  We have gotten many requests for canned mouse over the years, which is what gave us the idea for this fun April Fool's prank.

We had fun sharing a laugh with all of you, thanks for having fun with us this April Fool's Day!  And for making this go viral!

Here's a snap of the post that was shared almost 300 times:
We are so excited to make this special announcement today! We are announcing our newest flavor of dog and cat food - HAND PACKED MOUSE! And the best part is each can is guaranteed to have at least one tail!