Friday, December 4, 2015

Evanger's Works with Goathouse Refuge to Give Back and Save Cats

Did you know?
Evanger's has a special shelter program where they significantly help offset the cost of food for the animals. This allows the shelter animals to eat high-quality, nutritious food that many shelters would otherwise not be able to afford.  Recently Evanger's is helping feed over 200 cats at large feline rescue in North Carolina called The Goathouse. These are pictures taken of their cats enjoying our Evanger's premium cat food!

 Recently Evanger's was connected with The Goathouse Refuge, a 501(c)(3) no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing safe, cage-free care for cats regardless of their age, medical issues or disposition until a permanent, loving, adoptive home can be found. Most cats are rescued from local shelters.  Their region in North Carolina is largely rural and poor, and spaying and neutering options are not exercised, even with low-cost plans available. Most shelters in the area are under-equipped to deal with the steady flow of animals coming in and kill for space almost daily. Euthanasia often occurs in inhumane ways (gas and heart stick).  But the Goathouse Refuge rescues from the worst shelters, but also accepts owner-surrenders, strays, cats who have suffered neglect and abuse, and seniors with medical issues to prevent cats from entering the shelter-system which will destroy them. Their cats are fully vetted before adoption, and unadoptable cats stay with them until they die of natural causes.  

We are so happy to be working with an organization that is doing so much for cats in need and its community, so we wanted to share a little bit with you with a note from the Goathouse Refuge.  Our hearts are filled with joy knowing that the Goathouse Refuge is offering cats much more than a second chance.

 A note from the Refuge after getting a pallet of Evanger's Cat Food:
We all love the food - the kitties love the flavor, staff loves the ease of having large cans to work with, and we love the high quality of the food. Our cats get dry food twice a day, and wet once a day (unless they are kittens or sick, they get wet more often then) and for the general population we literally mix two big buckets of wet food (mostly consisting of whatever higher quality food we can buy, plus some donated cans mixed in, plus l-lysine powder and a bit of water to make it last longer. We then put one-cat portions in 200 little white bowls distributed over the adoption building and the outside area so all or most of the cats who want to get a portion of wet food.

Thanks for the photos and update, Greenhouse Refuge!

For more on the Goathouse Refuge, check it out here!

Thanks again to the Goathouse Refuge for doing everything you do! The kitties thank you, too!

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