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What Is A “Meat” Meal?

Protein is crucial for all aspects of a dog’s growth and development, which is why puppies, pregnant and lactating females require an even greater amount of protein than other dogs. Protein is also critical to immune system maintenance and a dog’s health in general.

When purchasing dog food, you may wonder what could contain more protein than whole meat? Surprisingly, quality grade meat meal can actually contain more protein than the whole meat from which it is derived.

Meat meal is a dried end product of a cooking process that’s known as rendering. Akin to purposely overcooking, rendering cooks away the water and bakes the residue. The end product is a highly concentrated protein powder called meat meal.

For a comparison, a whole chicken contains roughly 70% water and 18% protein. After rendering, however, the resulting chicken meal contains just 10% water and a whopping 65% protein–nearly four times more protein than whole chicken.

Bear in mind that no meal product can ever be better than the raw materials that were used to make it. Higher quality meat meals are typically made from the meat of clearly identified sources. Lower grade meals are derived from anonymous materials like spoiled supermarket meats, slaughterhouse waste and even diseased or dying cattle.  

There is no such thing as human grade meat meal, since meat meal is never produced for human consumption and the facilities producing it are not licensed or certified to manufacture human-edible products that meet FDA standards. One defining characteristic of a high quality meat meal is a low ash content, which means the proportion of bone to meat is low.

How to Recognize
 Lower Quality Meat Meals

Since many manufacturers do little to clarify the true nature of the ingredients they use, 
avoid dog foods containing any meat meal that fails to identify the specific source animal or includes the words “by-product” in its name.

Using generic phrases on the ingredient list, inferior meat-based protein ingredients that are usually associated with lower quality dog food include:
·               Animal Meal
·               Chicken By-Product Meal
·               Meat and Bone Meal
·               Glandular Meal
·               Poultry Meal
·               Blood Meal

Chicken, Beef or Lamb?

Photo: Evanger's
Evanger's dog and cat food uses fresh meats
for an excellent source of protein and
bio-available nutrients
Every protein source has a different level of usable amino acids. This amount is termed “biological value.” Egg has the highest biological value, followed by chicken, fish and red meat. But don’t let that information distract you. Any source of meat protein will serve your dog well. And the fresher the source of protein, the more biologically available those nutrients are to your pet. This means that the body is better able to absorb what it needs to maintain optimal health.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 Tips To Avoid a Visit to the Vet on Thanksgiving

It’s the time of year filled with family traditions.  But Pancreatitis SPIKES in our pets during Thanksgiving.  As you're preparing for your Thanksgiving feast, we know it's hard to resist loading up Fido and Boots with all of your rich, tasty Thanksgiving food. Bud did you know that Pancreatitis flare-ups during the holidays have more to do with overfeeding than feeding the wrong food?  Just a taste is fine. Feeding whole extra meals to the dog and cat is not fine, but easy to do when we want to include our pets in Thanksgiving and feeding them from our table.

SO what can you do to make your pets a part of Thanksgiving while keeping them safe?

Carl from New York is getting ready for an Evanger's Thanksgiving Feast with his human family

Here are five tips on how to involve dogs and cats in all of the Thanksgiving holiday fun activities, while keeping them safe. 

1) When Friends & Family Arrive
If you have guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll need to prevent your pets from escaping as people come into and out of your house. Make sure your pets are safe and away from the door when people arrive. 

2) Separating Pets & Children 
Since pets and children don’t always mix well without supervision, it’s best to keep them separated. If your cat or dog has a scratching, clawing, nipping, biting or mouthing issue, avoid situations where they may become stressed or anxious. 

3) Creating A "Pets Only" Zone
It’s unfair to expect dogs and cats to be on their best behaviors with strangers and numerous people coming into their territory. It’s also not the best time to practice training them on skills they haven’t yet mastered. Create a stress-free, peaceful area for your pets and ask your guests not to disturb their privacy unless you first give them permission. It’s a safer situation for your pets and your guests.

4) Making Your Pets’ Quiet Area Comfortable
Provide your pets with familiar, comfortable essentials like a bed, favorite toys and sound from a radio or television to keep other noises minimal. As a special Thanksgiving treat, consider giving your dog a Kong filled with peanut butter, Evanger’s Grain Free Game Meat, or Evanger’s Grain Free Sweet Potato (frozen) to keep him occupied. Be sure to provide dogs with potty breaks and cats with a litter box. And reward both cats and dogs with a few of their favorite treatsespecially since your house will be filled with the aroma of delicious foods!  

5) Feeding Your Pets
No doubt your dog or cat will eventually beg for bites of your Thanksgiving dinner. While certain Thanksgiving foods are typically safe for petsboneless turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, apples, rice, peas, squash and pumpkinthey aren’t if they’re prepared with certain ingredients. 

Among these potentially harmful ingredients are herbs, onions, garlic, raisins, walnuts, macadamia nuts, mushrooms, raw bread dough and sweets. Foods with these ingredients can potentially cause an upset stomach leading to vomiting and diarrhea. 

There’s really no need to feed your dog or cat human foods on this holiday thanks to Evanger’s Dog & Cat Foods variety of canned and dry pet foods reflecting a typical Thanksgiving menu! Options include the Organic Turkey with Potato & Carrots DinnerSlow Cooked Turkey Stew that’s simmered in gravy: hand-packed Evanger’s Chunky Chicken Casserole with market-fresh carrots, peas, apples and potatoes; and Grain Free Chicken with Sweet Potato & Pumpkin. Cats will also delight in Evanger’s Organic Turkey and Butternut Squash Dinner or Evanger’s Signature Series slow cooked Turkey Stew.

By following these tips, you should be able to create a safe and delicious Thanksgiving Holiday with your friends, two-legged family members and four-legged family members!

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Pet Consumerism: CBS News Features Charlotte Reed And Her Expert Pet Product Picks

  1. IMG_1597
  2. But, when buying pet products, pet owners can make an effort to be conscious consumers, taking into account the impact that their purchases have on their pets, their health and their environment. Below please find of my top pet products choices, concerning necessary pet products:

    Buy Local
    After countless pet food recalls, it is no surprise that owners are cautious about what they feed their pets. Buy pet foods made with human-grade ingredients and that contain no added pesticides or hormones, use minimal processing, and are higher in vital nutrients. Consider pet foods like Evanger’s, a company that sources its ingredients within 50 miles within manufacturing
  3. Evangers-hand-packed-dog-food
  4. Dealing with Odor
    Body odor could include odor emulating from your pet’s mouth. Most pets before age three suffer from canine dental disease. As concerns about chemicals and the environment grow, pet parents are selecting products with fewer, more natural, but equally effective, ingredients for themselves and their pets. Vet’s Best Dog Dental Care Gel Toothpaste uses key natural ingredients, including Neem Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Enzymes to cleans away tartar and plaque, while whitening and brightening teeth and getting rid of doggie breath. Cleaning a dog’s teeth can be a challenge but the new, user-friendly tube makes it easy to for pet pet parent to use.
  5. More is less
    Cat litter is one of the most purchased pet products on the planet. Clay litter with its dust is not only harmful to your cat’s health but to your health, too. Additionally, these cat litters are not biodegradable. Consider a healthy and environmentally friendly litter like World’s Best Cat Litter. Powdered by corn, World’s Best Cat Litter concentrated granules trap odor deep inside and form tight clumps on contact. Pet parents are able to use less litter and receive an outstanding odor control with less mess. Lastly, it is septic sank safe. So flush away.
  6. best cat litter
    best cat litter
  7. Donation with purchase
    Do any of your pet purchase directly contribute to people, places or other pets? To celebrate the the centennial of the National Parks Service, dated on August 25, Carolina Pet Company teemed up with Pendleton to create the Pendleton Pet Collection. A portion of the sale of the collection’s items such as beds (made from recycled soda bottles), portable food bags and water bowls, leashes, collars and coats is donated to help preserve our national
  8. acadia national park
    acadia national park
  9. Be kind to others
    Cats and dogs contribute dander and allergens to indoor air pollution. Because of their microscopic size and jagged shape, pet allergens easily stick to furniture, bedding, fabrics and many items carried into and out of the home. Animal dander is easily spread through the home and out to public places like schools and hospitals. It can be found even in homes, buildings and even, on people without pets. So be kind to allergy suffers, if you do have a cat or dog, keep your clothing free of pet hairs by using Butler Home Products Evermore Pet Plus Fur Erase Lint Roller and the Pet Hair Removal Sponge. The Lint Roller will tackle hair & debris clothing, while he ergonomically sponge will life hair from clothes and furniture.
  10. Watch the segment:
  11. Petrendologist Charlotte Reed is the leading pet care & lifestyle expert. She is a popular author, TV & radio personality and celebrity spokesperson, discussing the "What's New" for pets and their people. Listen to her weekly, syndicated radio show, "The Pet Buzz," each week on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
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Testimonial: "MISTY" our rescue puppy

Misty is very fussy about what she likes to eat, but she has decided that Evanger's Hunk of Beef  and Chicken Thighs are her very favorites and live up to her very high standards!!!!
Just thought you would like to meet one of your satisfied customers.

~Jean K, Misty's Mom

Monday, June 27, 2016

Evanger's Quick Tips for Exercising With Your Pet In the Heat

Your dog is itching to go outside for a walk. And while you’re ready for a little exercise as well, the thermostat is on the rise. While it’s not necessary to avoid outdoor activity entirely during the summer, it is a good idea to adjust the duration and intensity of exercise in accordance with the temperature. 

Photo by Rebecca Menapace [calendar contest entry]
As a rule, early mornings and evening hours are best suited for your outings – whether it's a walk, hike or even tossing the ball around in the yard. Did you know that pets with white-colored ears are more susceptible to skin cancer? Also, short-nosed breeds are prone to breathing difficulties since these pets have poor panting mechanisms. Keep dogs like Shih Tzus, Boxers, Lhasa Apsos, Pugs and Bulldogs away from the heat as much as possible. 

Dogs don't sweat like people do. Most of their sweat glands are located around their paws. If Fido hasn’t stepped in his water bowl and you see wet footprints on your floor, it’s a red flag that your pooch is overheating and needs to be relocated to a cool spot. Also be sure to walk your dog on grass if possible since asphalt becomes very hot and can burn their delicate paws. Never leave the house without an adequate supply of water to prevent both of you from dehydrating.

Your best exercise bets are:
· Taking your dog to the lake, bay or ocean for a swim.
· Going on a hike or trail run early in the morning or late in the day.
· Taking shorter hikes, and find shaded trails and campsites.

Be sure to avoid:
· Having your dog run alongside your bicycle. If you do this from time to time, please don't do it in the summer.
· Hike trails that aren't shaded. Aside from the heat, you might come across rattlesnakes that love to bask in the hot sun. 

Heat exhaustion is common in dogs. It can happen your own yard, or on a walk. Remember that dogs cool themselves by panting. When panting fails to reduce the body temperature, your pooch will develop heat stroke. 

Signs include:
· Heavy Panting
· Rapid Breathing
· Salivation
· Fatigue
· Muscle Tremors
· Staggering

If you feel your dog is experiencing heat exhaustion, take him to a cool, shady place, and apply wet towels or cloths to help cool down his body temperature. Try to give him small amounts of water. Then call your vet immediately. 

Your dog’s diet plays an important role in adequate hydration and muscle recovery after exercise. Feeding canned food provide high quality, easily digestible nutrients that help keep muscles and organs functioning in peak condition, while also keeping cells hydrated. For a boost in nutrition and hydration for your furry exercise partner, try Evanger’s Signature Stews made with USA farm grown meat and vegetables, slow cooked in a savory broth.

If you apply common sense and taking these exercising tips into account, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your pet happy, well exercised and healthy in the heat.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pet purchase decisions can promote healthy pets and a sustainable planet

  1. Petrendologist Charlotte Reed speaks with Fox 5 Las Vegas Anchor Jason Feinberg about how to reduce our pet's carbon pawprint.

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  3. According to a recent Gallup environmental poll environment poll, 55% of Americans have made minor changes in their lives and 28% have made major changes to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.  Your entire family, including your pet, can help preserve the planet. Start by setting a goal of being more aware that your pet purchasing decisions can help reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint and improve your four-legged family members overall pet health.
  4. Feeding choices
    After the countless pet food recalls over the past two years, it is no surprise that owners are more curious and cautious about what they feed their pets. Buy pet foods with human-grade ingredients pet foods that have no added pesticides or hormones, use minimal processing, and are higher in vital nutrients. Consider pet foods like Evanger’s, a company uses USA sourced ingredients, located within 50 miles from manufacturing facility.
  5. Grooming picks
    For the last few years, many magazines, blogs and other media outlets have been discussing how beauty products can be detrimental to our health and our planet, too. Pet grooming is an aspect of life that you can turn into an eco-friendly and healthier way of living. Purchase USDA, certified organic products like the Pura Naturals Pet. This health and beauty company’s product line does not contain GMOs, parabens, toxins, sulfates, perfumes or dyes but plant-based cleansers, combined with essential oils and herbs to cleanse your pet and to keep his skin and coat healthy. From dry and wet shampoos, conditioners to outdoor parasite protection and healing products for ears, teeth, noses and paws, these products will have a direct and positive effect on your pet and your planet.
  6. Donation with purchase
    Pendleton is a globally recognized lifestyle brand that has been weaving wool in the Pacific Northwest for 153 years. In 1916, the brand debuted the first national park blanket-The Glacier, inspired by Glacier National Park in Montana. Soon after the same year, the National Park Service was penned into law by President Woodrow Wilson. As a result, Pendleton has been associated with the National Parks ever since. Now, during this centennial year of the national parks services, Pendleton has team up with Carolina Pet Company to create the Pendleton Pet Collection. Best part: A portion of the sale of the collection’s items such as beds (made from recycled soda bottles), portable food bags and water bowls, leashes, collars and coats is donated to help preserve our national parks.
  7. Pet necessities
  8. Some pet products are just essentials to caring for our pets. HealthyPet makes healthier products that pet owners need like cat litter and small animal bedding. If you do not know, litter is the most purchased pet product. Moreover, clay litter (the most popular type purchased litter) is also deterimental for our planet, our people and our pets. .Instead of purchasing a cat litter that is not sustainable, buy a natural cat litter/. Healthy-Pet's okocat is a 100% natural litter, made with no added chemicals or synthetic scents; it is alsobiodegradable, flushable, lightweight, dust-free, longer lasting and absorbent. Additionally, it is also has outstanding odor control. Lastly, because it is made from wood pulp and not a food grade materials (like wheat or corn), is fights bacterial growth naturally.
  9. Another example of a heathier products for pets and our planet is careFRESH small animal bedding. Most people don't realize that there are about 12 million small animals in the country, creating their own environmental impact on our planet. And, they need products that promote their health and wellness, too! careFRESH makes species-specific bedding that encourages them to do what they do; hamster and gerbils burrow and rabbits and guinea pigs nest. careFRESH complete bedding is made from scratch by blending naturally absorbent, reclaimed paper fibers (free of harmful chemicals and other pollutants, not recycled newspaper with inks) with proprietary odor control ingredients to provide the best, performing small animal bedding. carefresh bedding is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It has odor control lasting up to 10 days, is dust-free for easy clean-up.

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  11. Petrendologist Charlotte Reed is the leading pet care & lifestyle expert. She is a popular author, TV & radio personality and celebrity spokesperson, discussing the "What's New" for pets and their people. Listen to radio show, "The Pet Buzz," each week on Sunday morniings from 10-11AM on I Heart Radio News 1320/1450 AM (

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