Monday, April 13, 2009

Press for Evanger's Passover Seder for Dogs!

In news and the media, the buzz has been Evanger's Passover Seder for Dogs!

The New York Times:
"WHEN Robert Uri Heller, a psychologist and professor at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, leads a Passover Seder in Chicago on Saturday, some of the rituals symbolizing Jews’ exodus from Egypt may be lost on the yarmulke-wearing guests."
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"A Passover seder feast for dogs features a unique take on the traditional Jewish holiday. Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company of Wheeling, Ill., invites all dogs and their owners to participate in the seder for dogs, planned for Saturday, April 11 at the Wigglyville pet shop in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood."
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Baltimore Sun:
An Illinois-based pet food company is sponsoring a seder for dogs in a Chicago suburb to promote its line of kosher pet foods. Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Co. of Wheeling, Ill., has been sponsoring seders around the country for the last several years, says owner Holly Sher.
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Dancing Dog Blog:
"I saw a great article this morning in the New York Times that asked ‘what happens to the family dog during Passover?’ Charlie, a furry four-legged family member, can be a real issue for many Jewish families during Passover week. How can you follow the Torah’s directive to clear the house of all grains when the dog has to take the nourishment he needs? And never mind that it’s only for a short time…what of families who keep Kosher all year, who hold the belief that Jewish law is broken when meat and dairy are mixed?"
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Comedy Central's The Colbert Report:
Stephen Colbert: "If you're looking for Afikomen, it's buried in the backyard."
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Passover Seder for Dogs - Follow Up!

The Passover Seder was a success! Thanks to Hollus, owner of Wigglyville for providing her wonderful store for the event. Thanks also to Uri Heller, who performed the Seder service. And finally, thanks to all dogs and owners who came out on a Saturday evening to participate in the Seder!

To recap, here are some photos from the event:

Hollus and her crew at Wigglyville put together this nice spread of Matzoh, Whitefish salad, sponge cake and fruit for the humans, as well as a display of Evanger's products on sale for the dogs!

A few of our participants really wanted some Matzoh!

Thanks to everyone who participated - here are some dogs and owners who stopped by, in front of Wigglyville's storefront.

Uri Heller breaks Matzoh and hides the Afikomen: