#GETPETHEALTHY Nutrition Question of the Week

Question of the week from Monica D:

My bulldog is a few pounds overweight. What diet do you recommend to get him to a healthy weight? #GetPetHealthy

Answer from our CNC:  

First, switch to any of the five Evanger's dry foods so you know you're feeding the best basic food possible.  Offer samples of all five and let the Frenchie make the choice.  All of our foods are for all life stages (for all ages).

Reduce the amount of kibble you're currently feeding by one third.  Replace this food with the same volume of Evanger's 100% Sweet Potato, which is available in 6-oz and 13-oz cans.

Mix the sweet potato thoroughly with the remaining kibble.

Sweet potato offers very low fat but is nutrient dense and flavorful, so your paunchy pooch won't know he's on a diet.

For treats, try our 6- calorie one-inch-square Nothing But Natural Jerky Treats.  They are available in buffalo, pheasant, venison or chicken, in 4.5-oz bags.  Break the squares into four or five pieces and offer just one small piece a few times a day.

This is a gentle weight loss method and may take several weeks. 

When your Frenchie reaches the desired weight, please contact us again so we can help you establish a permanent post-diet feeding protocol.

That's it!  Simple, nutritious, inexpensive.  Best of luck Monica and Oscar!

You can also download an Evanger's Diet Calendar and join the #MannyGetsFit Challenge


  1. I have an 11 year old weimaranerwith IBS. currently we are feeding both canned and dry RC Hypoallergenic prescription food. She does does not do well. Is there anything better?

    1. Hi IM. Give this a try if you aren't dealing with a chicken allergy: https://evangersdogfood.com/product/10118/

      You can also call us any time!


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