Did you know that people will consume approximately 1.33 Billion chicken drumettes on SuperBowl Sunday?

Gearing up to watch America’s favorite sporting event this weekend should also include plans to serve healthy and delicious offerings for the furrier members of your family: over 100 million dogs and cats.

Founded in 1935, family owned and operated Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company is proud to stock 100% Made in the USA Roasted Chicken Drumettes for Dogs, which offer the same hand-packed nutrition and pure meat quality that you’ll feed your human SuperBowl guests on game day this Sunday, February 4, 2018.  And we know cats also deserve taste and hand packed greatness, so Evanger’s Whole Uncut Sardines are also a fantastic choice for game day or every day.

Evanger's Roasted Chicken Drummettes are a Game-Day Favorite for pet parents

Humans tend to overlook what their pets are eating during all of the commotion and excitement of the SuperBowl.  We don't mean to, of course, but we're human, and it happens.  Our pets might be stealing food from our game day guests' plates when they're not looking, or even when they are!  Overconsumption or eating too much of our human food can lead to a pancreatitis flare-up.  So prepare a little something for your dog or cat to make them feel like a part of the experience, but let yourself be assured that the foods he or she eats is safe and nutritious.  For dogs, pick up a can of Roasted Chicken Drummettes (but before game-day before they're sold out).  For cats, a can of Evanger's Hand Packed Sardines will let your feline join the fun.
If you don't use the entire can, make sure you mark the dish as leftovers for your four-legged friends just to make sure your two-legged friends don't accidentally dig in.

Bone Apetit!


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