At Evanger's, Every Day is Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, our family reflects on the importance of protecting our environment. We are in the business of nurturing some of the Earth’s finest creatures, and our business is dependent on abundant fresh produce and meats. Many of you many know the lengths we go to in producing all-natural, nutrient-dense, and environmentally-friendly foods for your furry family members.

But you may not know just how seriously we take it.  At Evanger's, EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY. Did you know the strides that we take to minimize our carbon pawprint on Mother Earth?  Here are some stats on our efforts:

  • A few years ago we transitioned to greener canned case trays.  With these efforts, we hit the following milestones in 2017:
  • Saved over 1,000 trees by using greener trays on its canned pet food
  • Saved over 3 cubic yards of landfill
  • Saved 1 ton of CO2 emissions

Things don't stop there, our efforts continue:

  • Our cans are BPA-FREE!
  • Evanger's has the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging.
  • We utilize cans that are infinitely recyclable
  • Canned food labels are printed on post-consumer recycled material
  • All packaging materials are recycled
  • On-site recycling program
  • The manufacturing facility uses skylights as its main light source
  • FRESH - LOCAL - DAILY to minimize our carbon footprint, and our foods' taste - 90% of our ingredients are sourced locally within 50 miles of our kitchens, picked up daily with our own trucking fleet, and as often as possible, use ingredients within 24 hours for optimum freshness.  

Evanger's Earth Day

We continue to seek out and utilize suppliers that can provide more green technology to our packaging and supply chain. We take great pride in these traditions and continue to seek new ways to be earth friendly, and to make EVERY DAY EARTH DAY!