The Battle Between Cans vs Cartons: Which Are Better?

While we celebrated Earth Day this week, we wanted to take a further dive into a hot topic.  We have been hearing a lot about food and broths that are now available in cartons.  They're convenient and easy to store, but what is the environmental consequence of using foods that come in cartons?  Because we are always mindful of how we can reduce our carbon pawprint, we did a little research to see which is better for the environment - cans or cartons?  

Did you know that cartons are not recyclable to any degree, but in fact, can't go anywhere else but a landfill? Once at a landfill, these cartons will not biodegrade, which hurts Mother Earth. Cartons are single-use items, which means you cannot reuse them, you cannot recycle them, and all of the energy and resources that went into making a carton goes to the landfill with the carton.  Think of cartons like plastic water bottles; they are one of the most wasteful indulgences in the world.

If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to shopping for yourself or your pet, steer toward canned products over foods in cartons.  When it comes to determining a winner in the battle between cans and cartons, there is no contest.  Cans are infinitely recyclable, so you can feel good about doing your part to help take care of your planet.

Evangers Cans vs Cartons - what is better for the environment


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