I am writing to you today just to say thanks! Your Evanger's food actually saved that little guys life!

My name is Elizabeth and I am the Co-founder of AZ Rezcue! We are a fairly new animal rescue that specializes in pulling dogs from high volume kill shelters on tribal land aka "The Rez" in Arizona. 

Since established in October 2020 we have saved 278 dogs and cats from being euthanized and placed in them in loving homes! 

For these dogs everything is a first. Most of them have never been inside of a house before and many of them have never even been touched by humans in a kind way. They live on the street and have to fight to survive day in and day out. Every single dog that comes to us is very underweight so we use puppy food to give them the good calories and nutrients they need to become healthy!

We are a new rescue as I mentioned before so everything we have has been purchased with our own money. We rely heavily on donations or getting things second hand. 

Someone even donated us a case of your Evangers Chicken Thighs! 

Recently we received a 5 week old puppy that came to us weighing only 3.2 pounds. We named him Champion because we knew he would be a fighter.  He was found in a large soda cup outside of a gas station. When we brought him home he was refusing to eat and we had been trying everything we could think of just to try to get something into his body. He kept refusing both food and water and we were worried we would lose him that night. We made an appointment to get a feeding tube placed the following morning. [Trigger warning]

That evening I made him 10 bowls with different types of food. Multiple different brands of puppy and even adult food. 

The bowl that he picked, the bowl that I believed saved his life was that donated can of Evangers Chicken Thighs with a little white rice. 


I am writing to you today just to say thanks! Your food actually saved that little guys life! I attached a photo of him so you can see his skinny little body. The last photo is him in his sweater doing much better! 

Elizabeth E 

CoFounder AZ Rezcue