Jasmine's tale

Thank you, Stella, for sharing your heartwarming testimonial with us!

Dear Evangers,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a story with you and thank you for providing such a fine dog food. For the past two years, I have become involved in dog rescue. Currently, I am fostering a terrific little dog, named Jasmine. Her pic is below. I rescued Jasmine from a rural Georgia shelter in early January. She had severe mange, worms, developed an upper respiratory infection and other maladies so common to shelter pups. I took her immediately from the shelter to the vet.

She was treated for several weeks and I took her home to foster last week before she could go into her wonderful designated rescue program. The plan was to have her in my home for almost two weeks. My nutritional goals for Jasmine were simple. I wanted to feed her the best possible food, help her gain weight, help restore her coat and help her to feel and look her best for her forever home.

I found the Evangers dog food at our local Red Bandanna Pet Food Store. I mixed it with her dry dog food so as not to upset her stomach. Jasmine loved this food and in the little over a week that I have had her so far, she has gained 3.5 lbs., her coat is so shiny it looks wet, and the hair growth is almost complete. She looks so beautiful and you can tell she feels great. I very much believe that nutritionally superior foods are a key part to helping restore a dogs health and vigor. I am so pleased with her progress and plan to send some Evangers dog foods to her new home. She is a wonderful, wonderful, dog and she deserves the very best.

Warmest Regards,

Stella G