Breed Buzz: Maine Coon

Also known as the American Longhair Cat, the Maine Coon is an intelligent feline breed known for its long and luxurious coat. Maine Coons are also extremely large, with males reaching upwards to 25 pounds and 2 feet in length and are sometimes mistaken for bobcats in the snow. Given their size, Maine Coons take several years to reach full maturity. The coat of a Maine Coon actually repels water and makes the breed much more tolerant of water than most cats.

Hip dysplasia and heart disease can be problems for Maine Coons, but overall the breed is very healthy and hearty with proper diet and grooming. Regular brushing is necessary to keep the coat in top condition and high-qualify wet food is best for feeding. Evanger’s Classic Goin’ FIshin’ Dinners for Cats is an excellent choice for feline breeds with long coats. Fresh salmon is the FIRST ingredient, offering essential vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy and beautiful coat.

Maine Coons are very devoted to their owners, but can be skittish around strangers. Within the family unit, Maine Coons are very gentle and friendly, making them good with children and other pets. Given their intelligence, they are also surprisingly trainable (by cat standards) and are commonly used as therapy cats. It’s not hard to see why Maine Coons are becoming one of the most sought after breeds in the United States.