Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ingredient: Duck

Duck meat has been a staple in European and Asian cooking for centuries and is gaining popularity in other parts of the world as a novel protein source. Unlike other poultry, duck is all dark meat, with a much richer flavor than comparable cuts of chicken or turkey.

Duck skin contains a thick layer of rich fat underneath that flavors the meat, making it a favorite of dogs and cats alike. Other than a slightly higher fat and cholesterol ratio, a duck breast is nutritionally comparable to other poultry meats and is an excellent source of vitamins A, B3 and C, as well as minerals such as iron, selenium and calcium.

The real benefit of duck for your pet is novelty. Pets are prone to developing food allergies, especially from protein sources, if the same food is served over time. Changing up the meal plan will go a long way toward ensuring the continued health of your pet. Try Evanger’s Grain Free Duck for Dogs and Cats as a supplement to your pets’ regular diet to break up the monotony and provide your pet a nutritious meal she will love!
Evanger's Grain-Free Duck
Evanger's Grain Free Duck offers a novel protein that is great for dogs and cats with allergies.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tips for Pet Nail Trimming

It’s no secret that dogs don’t like getting their nails trimmed – Often dogs do not enjoy their paws being touched or held, and if not done correctly, your pet may quickly associate nail trimming with pain and discomfort. As with most healthcare maintenance routines, the first step is to help your pet associate the activity with praise and treats. Evanger’s Liver Snacks are ideal treats for activities that may cause particular reluctance in your pet. These juicy bits of beef liver are extremely potent, and will likely get your dog’s attention much faster than a dry treat.

Practice touching your dog’s feet at first, then move up to touching the clippers to his feet, giving small, healthy dog treats with each step. Once he is comfortable with that, try trimming a very small portion on one or two nails.

When you are ready to conduct a full trim, take a look at your dog’s nail to determine where the sensitive quick is located. Cutting the nail too short into the sensitive quick can cause bleeding and discomfort. It is easy to spot the quick on dogs with clear nails (it appears pink) – cut no more than a few millimeters away from the quick. For dogs with dark nails, cut a few thin slivers at a time until you can see an oval shape starting to appear in the exposed nail (and don’t cut any further).

An alternative to using a clipper is to use a sanding tool available from most pet retail stores – the tool essentially grinds down the nail and is less abrupt than using clippers. Whichever method you use, always remember to give praise and treats during the process and never force your dog into trimming his nails if he is non-compliant.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sanocan Launches Evanger's Line in Mexico!

It was a long process, but we are excited to announce that our foods are now available in Mexico!  Evanger's has teamed up with Sanocan who will be distributing the product throughout the entire country.  Like Evanger's, Sanocan S.A is a a family-owned pet food distributor company in Mexico that specializes in natural pet foods. Sanocan has had a lot of success with our Classic canned dog food line, and will soon begin distributing the Evanger's brand Classic meat-based cat foods throughout the country as well.

Sanocan SA now distributes Evanger's foods in Mexico!

Sanocan also has a little celebrity in the family!  Amir, the 14 year-old son of the owner of Sanocan, is also a 5-year Mexican Enduro and Super Moto national champion.  Since the partnership, Amir has added the Evanger's logo to his racing bike and gear.  Try to spot him as he speeds across the finish line on Speed Channel when he's racing! 

When Amir is not training, he is playing squash, hanging out with his twin sister Rebeca, or playing with their 6 dogs (who also love Evanger's canned foods)!  Good luck, Amir #13!

The Evanger's shipment arrives in Mexico!

Evanger's is unloaded into the warehouse and ready for distribution!

Evanger's - now distributed by Sanocan in Mexico!

Eran Bilson and his son Amir Bilson, Motocross Champions representing Evanger's!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breed Buzz: Maine Coon

Also known as the American Longhair Cat, the Maine Coon is an intelligent feline breed known for its long and luxurious coat. Maine Coons are also extremely large, with males reaching upwards to 25 pounds and 2 feet in length and are sometimes mistaken for bobcats in the snow. Given their size, Maine Coons take several years to reach full maturity. The coat of a Maine Coon actually repels water and makes the breed much more tolerant of water than most cats.

Hip dysplasia and heart disease can be problems for Maine Coons, but overall the breed is very healthy and hearty with proper diet and grooming. Regular brushing is necessary to keep the coat in top condition and high-qualify wet food is best for feeding. Evanger’s Classic Goin’ FIshin’ Dinners for Cats is an excellent choice for feline breeds with long coats. Fresh salmon is the FIRST ingredient, offering essential vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy and beautiful coat.

Maine Coons are very devoted to their owners, but can be skittish around strangers. Within the family unit, Maine Coons are very gentle and friendly, making them good with children and other pets. Given their intelligence, they are also surprisingly trainable (by cat standards) and are commonly used as therapy cats. It’s not hard to see why Maine Coons are becoming one of the most sought after breeds in the United States.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

Many of us likely made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Shedding unwanted pounds is probably the most common goal around – it makes you look better, feel better and is an achievable goal with hard work and dedication. Well, the same holds true for your pet – being overweight can lead to a myriad of health problems for your pet, such as hip dysplasia, diabetes and heart/respiratory disorders. Fortunately, we can help our pets achieve their weight loss goals with three simple tips.

First, increase your pet’s protein intake. Foods with high-quality protein tend to have less “fillers” in them, which can inhibit your pet’s weight loss goals. Additionally, since getting your pet’s weight under control also requires reducing his caloric intake (tip #2), the added protein will help protect your pet’s lean muscle mass. Dieting leads the body to burn both fat and muscle for energy, so added protein is essential for healthy results. Evanger’s Grain Free Game Meats are a great source of lean protein that can be substituted for common dry food.

Second, reduce your pet’s caloric consumption. Most dogs and cats are overweight simply because they eat too much or the food they are eating contains too many fillers. Try replacing a portion of your pet’s food with Evanger’s Super Premium 100% Grain Free Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato is low in calories, but chock full of vitamins and healthy fiber, helping your pet feel full without overindulging. Perhaps the most challenging life change that will help your pet trim up is to get more exercise. No diet plan is complete without exercise, and your pet needs it every bit as much as you do. So, whether it’s a short morning walk or a vigorous game of fetch, get moving!

Following these three simple tips will make that New Year’s resolution a reality and produce a healthier (and happier) furry companion. Good luck!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 79th Birthday, Evanger's!

Every year here at Evanger’s we reflect on how much we love what we do – our greatest joy is hearing success stories from our customers whose pets have improved allergies, coats, skin or general well-being after switching to our foods. We take great pride in producing only the finest pet foods, using only premium ingredients, in our own kitchens right here in U.S.A. It costs more to operate this way, but we are 100% committed to our craft and to ensuring your pet receives the best nutrition we can provide.

Every year we also take the time to consider what new products and innovations might better serve our customers’ needs. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves with the understanding that pets evolve over their lifetimes as well. Our goal is cultivate customers for life – making food that nourishes all life stages.
In the New Year, many of us will make health and fitness goals for ourselves, but we encourage our customers to do the same for their pets! Pets are wonderful companions that add tremendously to our mental and physical well-being. Caring for their health means caring for ours. 

Happy New Year from everyone here at Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company!  Feel free to share your health and fitness goals with us this year!