Cats Shouldn't Eat Vegetarian Diets, But...

For those of you who have questions, 

Thank you for reaching out to our team, as your feedback is very important to us.

For over 80 years, the Evanger's family tradition of sourcing and creating foods that focus solely on premium nutrition remains both our unwavering mission and our personal passion for nutrition, education and quality.  The entire line of Evanger's foods promote and include high meat content, including a full range of meat-focused, yet grain and gluten free, canned diets for cats.

In the US alone, 50% of our pet population is overweight.  Just like in humans, when a pet is carrying around excess weight, this can lead to many other health issues, many of which are preventable.

Diet matters.

We have an on-staff nutritionist to help direct our efforts, and we want to clarify our email communications.

Cats are obligate carnivores, so our Vegetarian canned food has never been intended to be any pet's only food source, especially cats.

Our nutrionist typically only recommends Vegetarian for older cats that might not have ready access to natural grass as a digestive aid. In addition, the additional fiber appeals to some cats, as this supplemental vegetarian food can either be fed separately or mixed into food.

Animal proteins are number one for cats  Some Veterinarians recommend more plant fiber in some cases for cats, as this is a very nutrient dense way to comply with this directive. Canned foods, in general, mean plenty of moisture is present, which helps make them more effective.

Even though its use is very limited for cats, Evanger's Vegetarian added the "daily recommended vitamins and minerals for cats in all life stages," based on compliance requirements.

Again, we thank you for your questions and your continued partnership.  We welcome any opportunity to serve you and offer your pet the best nutrition from the best sourced USA ingredients on the market today.

            The Evangers Team