Senior Beagle Loves Evangers Chicken Dog Food

This morning we got a note from Hedy who has a special brood at home.  She has 10 dogs, and one, Nina the Beagle, who needs to be hand-fed through a syringe, and a pot belly pig!  Check out this incredible Evanger's Review and testimonial.  Thank you for sending us this note, Hedy, and we are so happy our foods are helping feed your senior dog:

Nina the Senior Beagle eats Evangers Cooked Chicken

I want you to know I LOVE your food for my 17+ yrs old beagle, Nina.  I have to syringe fed her when she doesn't eat by herself, and your food is what I feed her.  She doesn't fight me and the cost I can afford!  I have 10 dogs and a pot belly pig. I am thrilled that an employee of Pets Supplies Plus in Clearwater, Florida showed me your Evangers food!!   I mix a tablespoon of 100% pumpkin in the Evangers Cooked Chicken it to help her digest and poop.  She is on 3 heart meds and a Joint mixture that is also awesome.  The combo of all three has been like a miracle.  Some evenings Nina eats it right from can, and that is the best, because it shows she is still able to eat that way.

Hedy makes a mix of Evangers Cooked Chicken, Pumpkin, and Joint supplements for her super senior beagle
Hedy rescues a lot of pets in need.  Here’s Onyx the Pot Belly Pig.  He was abused and is blind in left eye, but has been enjoying life in a loving household since 2003 with his adopted pot belly pig family members.  

Onyx the Pot Belly Pig