Saving Poco the Bernese Mountain Dog

Evanger's just received this wonderful message from Laurie F, a true friend who has tremendously helped Leanne H, whose beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog has been suffering from GI Issues and was so sadly on the brink of death.  After Evanger's Canned Pheasant was recommended to Leanne, Poco made a comeback and since eating Evanger's, her bloodwork has gotten more stable.

"I want to let people know how absolutely wonderful Evanger’s has been to my friend who is living with an older Berner girl who was suddenly stricken with a GI issue a couple of months ago. Having been through this with another dog and having worked with Dr Jean Dodds and her crew to develop a diet for that dog, we knew what to try for this girl, a diet based on Evanger’s canned pheasant. Yes, proper meds were involved too, but they weren't working,,,not until we changed her diet. Unfortunately, Evanger’s has limited resources for their pheasant and has decided to quit making the canned food and instead use their pheasant for their wonderful pheasant and brown rice kibble. Fortunately for us, they had 22 cases of the large cans of pheasant in their warehouse which they were willing to send to us at a reduced rate, even working a deal on shipping through Fed-ex. We had pulled this girl from the brink of death using the pheasant we could find in other places, and we didn't want to change her diet yet to the quail canned food Evanger’s is making, which I believe can also be used. As of today, this girl's blood work indicates she is stabilizing and with the gift of a few more months on her pheasant diet, we truly feel her future is bright. The kindness shown by the Evanger’s company and the willingness to jump through hoops to help us, I feel is an indicator of their superior love of animals and concern for their customers. Thank you particularly to Holly, but to all the wonderful folks at this great company. We will forever be in their debt and will always stand behind this company for their kindness and the help they gave us.  - Laurie F"

Thank you so much to Laurie for sharing this with us, and we wish all the best to Poco and Leanne!