Evanger's Proudly Announces US-Sourced BPA-Free Cans

Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company Proudly Announces Ability to Offer US Made BPA-FREE 13oz Cans to Pet-Parents, Private Label Pet Food Manufacturers and Independent Pet Retailer Partners

There's a lot of scary information out there regarding cans with BPA.  A big question is - does your pet food's cans contain BPA?  The University of Missouri recently did a study on the potential adverse reactions that can be caused by ingestion of BPA.  Being Earth Day, it's the perfect time to let you know of the strides we have made to be one of the first pet food companies with a BPA-Free US-Made 13-oz can!

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A and is an industrial chemical that has been used since the 1960s to make certain plastic and resins, which can be found in numerous food containers and inside coatings of food cans. While BPA in food cans is considered safe by the FDA, and other government agencies, and used in over 95% of canned foods for humans, Evanger’s considered it an adulterant, and found it of the utmost importance to find an alternative. After some research findings that have shown that BPA can then seep into the food or beverages held by these containers and can be ingested. The structure of BPA mimics our natural hormones especially estrogen, which is thought to contribute to such things as obesity, reproductive disorders, neurological problems, and even some cases of cancers in pets and human alike.

Dedicated to the utmost quality and groundbreaking innovation in the field of 100% Made in the USA premium dog and cat foods, we can proudly announce that we are one of the first pet food companies to offer of BPA-Free 13oz cans that are sourced in the USA.

Evangers BPA Free Cans

Evanger’s has been working closely with our can supplier for years to find and test a safe alternative to BPA, which although FDA approved, was commonly if not always used in the 13-oz sized cans. Due to proximity of multinational canning company’s headquarters, who is a major supplier to soup and pet food companies alike, Evanger’s was able to work closely with the company's technical and R&D teams to develop this product.

 “More than ever before in history, pet-parents are seeking the safest and highest quality foods for their beloved cats and dogs, but yet to-date, many pet food manufacturers haven’t gone the extra mile to offer BPA-free containers in a 13 oz. size for these foods.  The Evanger’s family has made it our company’s mission to manufacture the highest quality pet food products, so moving to a BPA-free can continues this mission and also eliminates a pet’s exposure to and ingestion of potentially harmful BPA,” states Holly Sher, Owner and President of Evanger’s.  “For over 82 years, our commitment to pet health is unwavering, and this is just another way we are raising the bar in our industry and expanding this quality not only to our own Evanger’s dog and cat foods, but also to other manufacturers and partners looking to private label their premium food lines with a BPA-free can.”