Testimonial: Lulu's Allergies Improve with Evanger's Meat Lover's Medley

Dear Evanger's,
We've been using the canned Evanger's Rabbit for about a year, and it was the first food that agreed with our Japanese Chins. We had good luck with the Wellness Core Grain-Free chicken....but, it's been the chicken and grains that have irritated our dogs. They recently changed the packaging, and our dogs started itching, so I grabbed some of your kibble today, and LuLu dug out every piece....right after she finished her dinner!! Amazing! Thank you for your wonderful products! Our dogs (siblings) will be 5 years old on June 7th....and food has been an issue from day one! We finally found a locally-owned Pet Store in Bonita, CA, and they suggested Evanger's after hearing what we were looking for. If Wellness hadn't changed their product, we might have missed out on the kibble....which Lu obviously loves. My idea of introducing a small amount, until they get used to it may not work though....I'll just end up with piles of Wellness kibble on the floor!

And, so we can all sleep....no itching or feet licking!

-Tawny D.

Our LuLu....picked out her old dog food, to get at the new Evangers kibble!
Thanks for sending this cute video to us, Tawny! We are glad to hear that LuLu has no more itching!